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LiveNutriFit is an evidence based Preventive and Integrative Healthcare Company.




At LiveNutriFit we are committed to Empowering People to optimize health by combining sustainable Lifestyle Modifications, Nutrition Optimization and Functional Fitness. Staying Healthy is not a goal, it is a way of life. We remain ahead of the latest trends and most effective healthcare tools, continually evaluating new research and technologies. We follow an individualistic approach that focuses on finding the root cause of chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver and autoimmune that goes way beyond symptom suppression.

“We have fine-tuned the functional medicine protocols with advanced medical science to reverse and prevent multiple chronic metabolic diseases in a clinical setting. We are now ready to introduce the same quality of care in the comfort of your home.”


“Quality and Affordability need not be mutually exclusive. I was determined to provide universal healthcare access in India that was both equitable, affordable. And here’s where two essential features became apparent. Preventive Care, and Digitization. With deep machine learning digital remote care delivery, LiveNutriFit platform has empowered individuals to take control of their health.”



“To transform the current healthcare system into Preventive, Integrative & Proactive Healthcare to boost longevity and healthy society.”

Our Story

Dr. Anjali Hooda moved her practice from the USA to India in 2012 and saw a big gap in the healthcare system. The focus was on reactive rather than proactive patient care. To her surprise India was a ticking time bomb of Metabolic Diseases, especially Diabetes. The missing piece of the puzzle was preventive healthcare. Research show that Diabetes, along with other Chronic Diseases are responsible for 53% of deaths in India. Most conditions were either preventable or reversible. Reaching out to a large number was crucial to build a healthy society.

With her deep understanding of Functional Medicine – an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach she opened her first LiveNutriFit Clinic in Delhi. Through years of research and experiments she successfully transformed the lives of more than 20000 patients.

In 2019, after a successful rollout of the Remote Patient Management platform in the USA, Raminder Ahlawat joined hands with Dr Anjali Hooda in a solitary vision: Quality and affordable healthcare.