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Sonal Sehgal (Bollywood Actor)

Improved Fitness Levels

I ve been in the entertainment industry for over 7 years now. Life as an actor means always having to look your best. I ve never really had to battle weight issues since i regularly consulted dieticians and train with a personal trainer. Well, i looked fit on the outside, but little did i know that inside my body was growing deficient in every which way. And i have Dr Anjali Hooda to thank for opening my eyes and literally saving my life! I ve known Dr Anjali socially for a long time, but since she practiced in the west, i never really consulted her. Early this year, on one of her visits to Mumbai, i happened to bump into her and one look at me and Dr Anjali said, “Sonal, you look too pale, get a blood test”. I did, and my haemoglobin was 5! Which is fatal! Dr Anjali diagnosed my anaemia just by looking at me. When she started investigating the cause, i realized my ‘fad’ diets and fancy ‘celebrity dieticians’, were only keeping me thin, while my constitution was dipping in vitamins. She then prescribed me a host of supplements to balance out my restricted diet. Now I not only look fitter, but feel fitter as well.

Shweta Sharma, Delhi, India

Lost 24 kgs In 6 months

I am highly greatful to doctor Anjali to help me finding my lost confidence. As without a treatment which nurtured me in so many ways morally n physically, it was impossible. I had 92 kgs of weight n hypothyroid followed by diabetes. Now I am 68 kg with all my reports normal..

Karishma Bhardwaj, Faridabad, India

Lost 38Kgs In 10 Months

I have sent you my pictures before and after the weight loss programme. When i look at them, I just don’t believe it. Being overweight was always a hurdle and I never really had the confidence to do anything about it. Then I met you and you gave me the strength and confidence. I tried many gyms and diet schedule but it just killed. You made me do things I liked and I felt alive. Thank you life is so much better. I can buy my favorite clothes, people appreciate it, I love it!!!. I’m still following your advice and it keeps helping. You are the best.

Paramdeep, Faridabad, India

Lost 25 kgs In 6 months

At 120 kg I used to shy away from camera, get embarrassed often, my knees used to hurt me while climbing stairs. Had high B.P at the age of 32 only. After loosing 25 kgs & 8 inches, my world seems to be a completely new place! I feel lighter not only physically, but on my mind too… It is so much easier to live a happy n healthy life now 🙂 Impossible got I m possible with Dr. Anjali Sagwan’s diet regime.

Kiran Rathi, Delhi, India

Lost 12 kgs In 4 months

As I had hypothyroid, I took my weight and appearance for granted. Even though I always felt the need to lose some kilos, I never had enough motivation to move forward with this idea. I came to know about Dr. Anjali Hooda through one of my relatives and they pushed me to meet her at least once. It was her sheer sincerity towards helping me loose weight that drove me to be sincere in my efforts for the same. Since then there has been no looking back as I have lost 12 kgs in 4 months.

Preeti Khatkar, Washington DC, USA

Lost 15 kgs In 6 months

At 30 year old, I was overweight and extremely unhappy. Always trying to lose weight, tried so many diets and failed them all. Then Dr. Hooda heard my problem and helped me realize that her weight loss program is about a lifestyle change, not about just being on a diet. I took that lesson to heart, and have strived not only to lose weight, but to change my life. In pursuit of my change, Dr. Hooda encouraged and supported me throughout the whole process. She gave me customized eating and workout plan according to my health and diet. I am really pleased with where I am at. I would recommend Dr. Hooda to all and want to thank her for all support and making me a happy person again.

Gopika Sood Rao, Jammu, India

Lost 25 kgs In 6 months

Hi all, My name is Gopika Sood Rao,i met dr anjali in june 2013,i weighed 130 kg and had tried almost all kind of diets…..herbal life,gyms,general motor etc etc no results. …i was overweight since childhood but it became worse as i grew up… I was always shy of getting clicked,my wardrobe was super boring. …all i had was just fat fat and fat….at the age of 25 i got married to the love of my life,and he also accepted me the way i was(128 kgs)…not fit Then in june 2013 i met anjali(thanks to the gentle lady who told me about anjali) and this was the turning point of my life. … Anjali is not a doctor she is ‘GOD’ on this planet for people suffering from obesity…. The day i met her she told me my weight was excess and will take time to reduce… I was listening to her but knew deep in my heart nothing will happen,when brands likeVLCC could not help my stubbon fat go then what else…. In my first appointment she got some general tests done to understand my body type and gave me a diet to follow (protien,egg white,salads,fruits,oats,water,green tea,vegetables,brown rice,curd,soya and lots more……)enough to eat and be full…..and my next appointment with her was in 15 days!!! I followed the diet and lost 200grm. …wowwwwwwwww I then met anjali afyer 1 month as she was travelling and by then i had lost 4kg200 grms….i was super happy and on top of the world. ….i was waiting outside her cabin super excited. …and when i met her anjali reaction was”GOPIKA FRANKLY SPEAKING I SEE NO CHANGE” 🙁 Though my weight was 4 kg 200 grm less. ..and this reaction of hers did wonders for me….i promised myself next time i see he she will see the difference….and yes finally in the 3 rd appointment she saw the change and appreciated. ….. Today its been 6 months and i am 105 kg on cloud 9. …. My wordrobe has some excoting clothes, i love to take stairs,i get lovely commentd and appreciation everyday,my husbands love is mutiplied infinity(thank you anjali),my dad was in tears when he saw me 105 kgs….mu complete world has changed!!!!! My journey still continues. target is 75 kg and i am confident anjali and i both will achieve it. … Anjali earlier i was living to eat. …you tought me how to eat and live healthy This is not all i can keep writting and describing small change i notice every day eg- fitting in my car seat belt,touching my toes,taking stairs,etc etc Thank you anjali, you have come as GOD in my life and have changed my world completely THANK YOU is not enouh buy this is all i have, may you always be blessed. …… Love you and thank you