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The NextGen Solution to Health Management

LNF app was designed to reflect the needs of people who want to build healthy habits but can hardly find the time or the right guidance. Busy lifestyle can take up so much time that it gets hard to focus on eating healthy and exercising and if you have chronic conditions, balancing out life and wellness can become a real issue.

It’s not typical weight loss app. It’s a digital diary that offers advanced features to help you take better care of your heath and reset healthy habits.

Your Digitalmate ‘Power of 7’ is LiveNutriFits proprietary tool embedded in the Mobile App which changes the way you approach your food, your routine, your condition. Its assistants help you to take small steps towards sustainable results. No anxiety, no burnout – the only focus is on your improvement.


Convenient care that fits your palm & schedule

Constantly improving personalized meal plans

No-equipment workouts.

Make grocery list with ease

Detailed progress tracker