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 Functional medicine is a rapidly growing approach to health care. It differs from conventional medicine in that it focuses on treating the underlying causes of the disease rather than just managing the symptoms.

Medical Director of LiveNutriFit, Dr Anjali Hooda is the first functional medicine practioner in India who believes in holistic approach to treat the disease.

Functional Medicine can be summarized in three main areas:

  • The patient-centered approach,
  • The systems-centered approach, and
  • The science-based approach. 

The Patient-centered approach

 LiveNutriFit prioritize the individual needs and experiences of the patient over the disease itself. The patient is viewed as a whole rather than a collection of symptoms.

 The systems approach

LiveNutrifit deals with interconnected set of systems and Functional Medicine App that work together to maintain it,  

When diagnosing and treating diseases, they consider the interactions between these systems.

 The science-based approach

 Functional Medicine is based on scientific research and evidence-based practice. LiveNutriFit use a variety of diagnostic tools, including laboratory tests and imaging, to assess the patient’s health and determine the root cause of the disease. 

 Differences between Functional and Conventional Medicine

 The differences between Functional and Conventional Medicine are numerous. Here are a few of the most important: 

  1. Focus on disease prevention and neurological cause, LiveNutriFit focus on to prevent chronic diseases by identifying and addressing the causes of disease on the snow. But conventional medicine tends to focus more on treating symptoms after they appear.
  2. Different Diagnostic Tools Used Functional Medicine professionals use a wide variety of diagnostic tools to assess a patient’s health, including laboratory tests, imaging, and in-depth genetic testing. Conventional medicine relies heavily on physical examination and medical history.
  3. Incorporation of alternative and complementary therapies, Practitioners of medicine often incorporate alternative and complementary therapies such as acupuncture, massage, and herbal medicine into their treatment regimens. Conventional medicine tends to rely heavily on drugs and surgery. 

How LiveNutriFit helps ?

 Functional Medicine provides patients with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Improved outcomes for chronic diseases, Functional Medicine practitioners focus on the causes of chronic diseases.
  • More individualized and patient-centered approach, which means that each patient’s treatment plan is tailored to his or her unique needs and experiences. 
  • Improved quality of life and focus on improving overall health and well-being, which can enable patients to lead better lives.